Who are we?

Defined Energy was founded in 2008. We have developed a concept that makes it possible to recycle up to 70% of energy otherwise lost with wastewater. Our solution includes a module that provides simple monitoring of savings over the internet. The recycled energy from wastewater is used to heat domestic water, thus requiring less energy for heating the domestic water.


Every year, 3000 TWh are used in Europe for heating water, which is then flushed out as wastewater. This leads to CO2 emissions of 600 million metric ton. Defined Energy’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by creating innovative solutions that secure a better use of energy and at the same time reduce energy expenses.

Who can use our services?

All companies, organizations, and others who have high consumptions of hot water can choose a Defined Energy solution. Several types of building are well-suited for the installation of our heat exchanger, including (but not limited to): swimming pools, sports facilities, industrial laundry facilities, and hospitals.